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What is SJC's Mission Statement?
How do I contact you?
We have numerous media platforms that we like to engage on with everyone - Facebook , Twitter , Instagam etc. We love to hear from you all, weather it be a simple Facebook comment, to a price quote in an email. Your feedback is hugely appreciated and important to us. We pride ourselves on doing our best to answer ALL questions that we receive and never leave anything un-answered, however sometimes on a rare occasion, a comment or question can be missed due to the high volume we receive ( we're only human! ).

Email is the BEST way to get in touch with us directly for absolutely anything for a guaranteed response. Please check out the a Contact page for the respective contact who can help with your query! We're ready to answer your questions! If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please re-send the email or call us!

Please note: If you get our answering machine, chances are we're on the other line, out of the office, or it's the weekend. Please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you within 24 hours on normal business days, we promise.
How do your endorsements work?
We at SJC Custom Drums choose not to utilize set pricing schemes or rigid percentage discounts when executing our endorsements. We feel that this can provide a very faceless and sterile process when communicating with our drummers. We like to deal with our endorsements on a personal level and work out what can be done for the artist on a case by case basis rather than just offer "tiered" ABC Pricing structures.

To be considered for an endorsement, please e-mail george@sjcdrums.com the following information:

Facebook or Purevolume:
Label contact:
Manager contact:
Tour dates:
Current endorsements:
Desired SJC Setup (Sizes, plies, lugs, finish, etc.):

Or send this information with a CD and press packet to:

SJC Custom Drums
c/o A&R
P.O. Box 1314
Dudley, MA

We will get in touch from there.

**Please note the above information is to give us here at SJC more details on YOU, it is not completely necessary in order to apply for an endorsement. We have an open minded approach to new artists, no matter where you are in your career. We do our absolute best to work within all budgets.

Please no phone calls regarding endorsements.
With so many artists under SJC's wing, how can SJC take care of me too?
We pride ourselves on making drums for some of the worlds most reputable artists, spanning over numerous ages and genres, however we constantly strive to be able to take care of anyone with an SJC kit. We have the resources, knowledge and man-power to cater for anyone who flies the SJC flag and will always strive to ensure that customer support and satisfaction are never jeopardized. If you're unsure if SJC can cater for you, email us! We'll get right back to you and make sure you're a valued and important customer from the get go!
Can I get a price quote?
Absolutely! Head over to the Quote form and submit it. We will get back to you within 48 hours with an accurate quote.
How do I place an order?
To place an Order, please fill out the Quote Form and submit it. From there, George will be in touch with an accurate quote on the kit you are looking to purchase, and he will send you a link to pay the deposit. If you have any questions, please contact George directly at


What are some general things I need to know when it comes to maintenance of my kit?
Simple upkeep of your drums is very important. Make sure you are cleaning your kit after use, to eliminate any sweat or dirt that could lead to rusting in the future. Be sure to handle your drums with care, and don't pick up or carry only from the hardware (brackets, lugs, spurs, etc.) Temperature control is also a major key in keeping your kit or snare safe from any issues. Extreme temperatures can affect laminates (specifically 60's oyster wrap) and hybrids (especially if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time). We suggest that you keep your drums in a temperature controlled environment when possible. If in the heat or cold, do your best to keep them covered or out of the elements (i.e.: rain, sunlight, snow, etc.). Hybrids and acrylics are fragile, so make sure that they are not tossed around during transport, or at all for that matter. They should always be cased when not being used, and follow the same guidelines pointed out above.

It's also important to use even tension when tuning the drums. Extreme unbalanced tension can result in damage to shell, lugs, heads, hoops or claws. Any damage to the drums as a result of user error or mishandling will result in an assessment and potentially a fee for repair.
What is your turnaround time?
Solid wrap kits & snares = 8-12 weeks
Striped wrap kits & snares = 8-12 weeks
Acrylic kits & snares = 8-12 weeks
Satin stain kits & snares = 8-12 weeks
Satin stain w/ inlay kits & snares = 8-12 weeks
Butcher hoops = 12+ weeks
Hybrids = 12+ weeks
High gloss lacquer = 12+ weeks

*Updated 3-1-14
What are your Order Terms & Conditions?
See our Terms & Conditions here.
Will you re-make an artist kit?
Yes, we can re-make any kit you see on our website!
What makes SJC Drums stand out?
SJC Custom Drums is a custom drum company started in 2000 by two brothers out of Massachusetts. The SJC crew pride themselves on the craftsmanship, innovation, customer service and passion for their drums. Offering virtually unlimited options, each kit is custom made to the customers' exact specifications by the skilled craftsmen SJC and backed by our unrivaled customer service. With over a decade of experience and over 1,700 artists, the SJC crew are ready and willing to make your dream drum set come to life.

We have a skilled group of wood workers, passionate office and A&R team, and in house designers to help design exactly what you're after. Check out the INSIDE SJC page to get a little more in depth info about the crew at SJC Drums and to see a video showing just what we're all about.

Also check out the SPECS page to get a glimpse of what we are capable of on your dream drum set, and browse through our KITS & SNARE GALLERY to see all the drums we've created to date!
What is the best way to tune die cast hoops?
When tuning die cast hoops, please make sure to tune each lug evenly. Diecast hoops, while very durable, can have a tendency to warp if tuned unevenly. Simply hand tighten each tension rod around the drum, and then apply equal tension on opposite tension rods (at the same time) until the drum is in tune, to prevent warping the hoop, head, and/or shell.
Are wood hoops fragile?
Yes, wood hoops can be very fragile. Revolutionary and Claw style hoops, most of all. On toms and snares, these can take quite a beating if you hit heavy on the rim. Also, transporting these hoops can be something you may want to do with kid gloves on. Be very cautious NOT to pick up by the hoop, as the hoop is rather thin and could snap. Specifically on claw style, where the rabbit cut makes the outer ply that covers the rim, very thin and fragile. All wood hoop drums should be taken care of with extreme caution, as to not damage your new drums.
What is the Drums 4 Sale section?
Don't want to wait the standard turnaround time? Not sure what you want for a drum? The Drums4Sale page is full of drums that are ALREADY MADE and READY TO GO with the same parts, care, and attention as our standard order drums, but are available IMMEDIATELY! We make random drums every now and then to use some overstock parts or show off some drums we think are cool and want to make. Turnaround on shipping Drums 4 Sale is approx. 3-5 business days after the order has been paid in full. Transit time once shipped will depend on your location. It can be anywhere from 3-5 business days for domestic shipments, and 10-15 days for international shipments.

*Stock changes frequently / Inventory subject to change as once a drum is sold it's gone!
Are all the drummers listed on your artist page endorsed by SJC?
We are one big happy family. Not all the drummers listed on our artists page are endorsed, but we like to display all the drummers who have purchased an SJC kit or snare to show the world their set up and band.
Can you offer a matching add on drum for my current SJC kit or if I want to add drums in the future?
Yes, we can do add on drums, no problem. Because of color matching and making sure that all the hardware, screws, washers, etc. are 100% perfect, we require that you send back 1 of your drums for us to have in shop and physically match with the add on. The costs of sending back must be handled on the customers end. We will take each order on a case by case basis, but there may be additional fees for custom colors, etc. If you are ordering a new kit, please let us know if you will be ordering another add on tom or snare in the future, so we can make detailed notes on your order when it is placed. Since most of our finishes are custom made, we strongly suggest ordering all the drums you want at once so that everything matches 100%, especially on stains.
Do you offer color matching?
We strive to offer unlimited color options for your drums. Exact pantone color matching may not be possible due to the variances in printing, paints, and different materials. We will get as close to any color you are trying to match (i.e.: favorite shoes, shirt, etc.) as possible but cannot guarantee an exact color match due to these variances.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us directly.
What drum heads do you use on your kits and snares?
It is important to us at SJC that you're stoked on the sound of your kit or snare right from out the box. We can offer virtually any type of drum head you want, just email us and ask! We'll also be able to provide you with some advice helping you achieve your desired tone too. We do not use any low quality or cheap market heads as "standard". If heads are not specified on the order, we will use professional, genuine industry standard Remo or Evans heads. Quality is not spared at any point with your order, from the drums, right down to the drum heads!
Can I add or change the specs on the Series kits?
Sure! Email us at george@sjcdrums.com and we'll work out the details with you. Every Series kit is custom made like any other kit from SJC, so changing specs is no problem!
How much is shipping and handling?
S&H is added into the final payment. We ship/allow pick up 3 business days after final payment is made. It will vary depending on the weight and destination. Shipping in the contiguous USA is usually 3-5 day, fully insured ground shipping for around $295 for a 3 piece kit (rack tom, floor tom, bass), and $35 for snares. Shipping overseas (and to HI and AK) depends on the weight and destination of the package, please email us with your address for a more accurate shipping estimate.

*Our S&H prices include packing and shipping your drums which include insurance on the package


*Updated Jan 2010
Do you tune your drums before shipping?
Yes, every drum that we make gets tuned and briefly hit to ensure it sounds as good as it can.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! Please email us with your full intended shipping details and we'll work out an accurate quote!

* Please note shipping internationally may incur import taxes and charges which are out of our hands.

* Be sure to check if there is an SJC dealer near you too!
Do you offer a warranty with your drums?
We cover the original purchaser with everything on the drums a top to bottom warranty except due to negligence and normal wear & tear. We stand behind our product 110% and strive to exceed expectations in quality and customer service, so if you need anything, we're just a phone call away. We're a small family run company, and we take care of our family of artists. We know what it's like to be on the road. We're there to take care of you and make your experience and relationship with SJC unforgettable and easy. We are always going "outside the box" and the extra mile to make sure your expectations are surpassed. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or needs with your drums!

Simple upkeep of your drums is very important. Make sure you are cleaning your kit after use, to eliminate any sweat or dirt that could lead to rusting in the future. Be sure to handle your drums with care, and don't pick up or carry only from the hardware (brackets, lugs, spurs, etc.) Temperature control is also a major key in keeping your kit or snare safe from any issues. Extreme temperatures can affect laminates and hybrids (especially if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time). We suggest that you keep your drums in a temperature controlled environment when possible. If in the heat or cold, do your best to keep them covered or out of the elements (i.e.: rain, sunlight, snow, etc.).

It's also important to use even tension when tuning the drums. Extreme unbalanced tension can result in damage to shell, lugs, heads, hoops or claws. Any damage to the drums as a result of user error or mishandling will result in an assessment and potentially a fee for repair.
Do you have a return policy?
We do not have a return policy. Since our drums are custom made, we make what the customer orders. There will be no returns accepted.
Will SJC refurbish my old kit?
At this time, we do not offer refurbishments on old kits or non SJC kits / snares. We stand behind our own product 110% from start to finish and use our own, unique building methods, that may not be compatible with other companies out there. If you think you do not have the budget for a full new SJC kit, submit a quote! You may be surprised!
What if I can't afford a Kit or Snare from SJC?
TELL US! We're all about working around budgets as best we can to make it work for you. We'll do our best to make it happen!
Do you have backline for your artists?
Yes, we have an extensive amount of drums stored around the world for our artists' backline needs. Taking care of our artists is one of our main priorities and making sure you have an SJC kit wherever you may have a fly in show is important to us. Please visit our BACKLINE PAGE or contact george@sjcdrums.com with any backline requests and needs.
How come I haven't received a response from you?
Your questions are important to us and we want to hear from you!

We answer every single message within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick and unrivaled customer service. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please send the email again or give us a call as the message may have been sent to spam.
(If message sent on a weekend, please allow a response until the following weekday, though we do frequently check emails throughout the weekend.)
Do you have any dealers?
Yes we do! You can see all our current dealers by visiting the Dealers page.

*Dealers interested in selling SJC Drums, please e-mail info@sjcdrums.com
Can I change my mind on my drums after I order?
Once your custom kit is ordered, we order all the parts and materials necessary to make your kit, therefore we cannot allow you to change your mind after you place your order.
Why do my T-rods sometimes fall out?
When kits and snares are new, they will sometimes take a little time to really seat all their hardware. T-rods can come a little loose, especially if you're a hard hitter. We recommend using lug locks (available at most drum stores) or Screw Tight T-rods. If you're having more issues, please email us.
Can I order a Chop Block on its own?
No, we cannot sell these on their own. Chop Blocks can only come with a fully complete hoop, with a full kit / kick order.
Can I switch my hoops with a different type of hoop in the future?
We offer many different types of hoops here at SJC Drums. Since each drum is laid out to a specific hoop, we are unable to offer replacement hoops of a different style in the future for a majority of these hoops. While this is true, the following options are available:

2.3mm hoops ->>> Diecast hoops / Single Flange hoops / Yamaha style wood hoops
Diecast hoops ->>> 2.3mm hoops / Single Flange hoops / Yamaha style wood hoops
Single Flange hoops ->>> 2.3mm hoops / Diecast hoops / Yamaha style wood hoops
Yamaha style wood hoops ->>> 2.3mm hoops / Diecast hoops / Single Flange hoops

Claw style wood hoops ->>> Revolutionary style wood hoops
Revolutionary style wood hoops ->>> Claw style wood hoops

Butcher hoops are not able to be changed for another type of hoop. All Butcher hoop kits are made specifically for each drum they are on.

*Please note that the information above is not set in stone, and there will be circumstances that the above is not true. Please email us with specific questions and inquires.
Can I order Butcher Hoops for my kit if it's not an SJC kit?
We cannot make Butcher Hoops for non SJC Drums. These hoops require specific hardware layout / placement in order for them to be compatible with the shells.
Are seams/patches on my wrap kit normal?
Depending on the finish, there will be seams/patches on your wrap drums. All wrap toms have 1 seam, located in the back. On glitters / sparkles / pearls / diamonds / ripples / custom wraps, you will have a small patch on the 18" drum (in the back) and also a patch at the bottom of your kick drum (20" and up). These patches create 2 seams, but rest assured, they are located in the back / on the bottom of your drums, so they are not easily visible, and are durable.
I am interested in seeing your shop, can I come check it out?
At this time, we are only allowing customers interested in placing an order or picking up an order to visit our offices and showroom.
Do you offer returns on merchandise?
No, we do not offer returns on our merchandise. Sorry!
Will you send me samples?
If you'd like to see some of the finishes we offer, head over to the Finishes page. If you'd like to see these samples in person before ordering your drum, just send us your mailing address and the colors and type of finish you're interested in and we'll send them right out! Please note that CUSTOM samples (of an exact custom desired color etc.) will be charged accordingly.
If I get a Wrap or Veneer finish on my kit or snare, will it bubble over time?
All Wraps and Veneers are custom applied by hand to ensure the quality is impeccable before the shipment of your drums. However Wraps and Veneers are not invincible to extreme heat, humidity and sunlight. We STRONGLY advise the following to avoid any complications with your finishes :

- Keep the drums in a climate / AC controlled environment when possible.
- Do not leave the drums in direct sunlight or exposed heat for long durations of time. (Try cover them up with a heat reflective blanket if playing outside!)
- Try and keep the drums out of extreme humidity.

If you are having issues with this, please email us immediately.
Do you have any After Care tips for my kit/snare?
Out Of The Box: Your drums are already tuned and ready to go! We fine tune every drum before it leaves out shop in MA, but due to shipping you may need to dial it in a little! Other than that, you're ready to rock!

Tuning Your Drums: Make sure the drum head is sitting perfectly on the shell and finger tighten the T-Rods. Slowly use a drum key to tighten each T-Rod across from each other, evenly and slowly until you get desired pitch.

Cleaning Your Drums: Use a CLEAN microfiber cloth. Wipe the drums down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean any sweat/liquid/dust off the drums. Never let the drums stay wet!

Changing Heads / Tension Rod & Bearing Edge Care: Wipe the bearing edge clean with a microfiber cloth. Clean the hoops & be sure to sit the head perfectly on the edge. Every few times, we recommend applying a light coat of wax on the edge. We also recommend dabbing the ends of the T-Rods in Vaseline.

Storage / Transporting / Climate Control Make sure your drums are stored in a clean, climate controlled area. Do not leave directly in sunlight or exposed to humidity or extreme cold. This will prevent rust or bubbles from forming on your drums. Transport them in proper cases to prevent scratches or the shells from getting warped.