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For about 10 hours a day, our workshop is buzzing with the sounds of saw blades, paint booth air compressors and drill presses. It’s almost weird to me when I walk out to the shop after hours and it’s completely silent. I love this shop (Noisey or Quiet), this team and the products we create together, wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Stoked to get this kit out to Tristan Evans of The Vamps

Specs: 6x10, 6x12, 14x16, 14x18, 22x22 1/4” thick smoked black acrylic w/ frosted cheetah print & LEDS 

JP “ROOK” CAPPELLETTY always puts on a crazy show. Machine Gun Kelly will be heading out on the road for a handful of dates later this month, don’t miss out! 

Check the Tour Dates HERE

Jason Burrows - Boyce Avenue

Dave Joyal - Shai Hulud

Jason Root - Chelsea Bain

Kane McChensey - Forever Ends Here

Brent Friedman - Survay Says!

Patrick Murphy - Anchors

Peter Adams - Count To Four

David Chidekel

Brennan Benko

Sam Papworth

Chris Burwin

Dan Avellino

Anthony Bartlett

Graham Jantz

Nick Vallone

Chris Downs

Steve Sobell

Ken Dirkes

Dustyn Bebermeyer

Chris Hatem

Troy Ibarra

Brandyn Schauer

John Anthony

Jeri Karmelich

Michael Macrone

Sam Young

Dario Adames

Victoria Liotta

Chatherine Wood

Martin LaFreniere

Bryan Scharf

Keaton Khonsari

Miguel Echemendia

Erik Carlson

Kevin Martinez

Ravisumon Uapongkitikul

Zach WIlkinson

Thomas Coates

Allan Brown


If you missed Eric Church crush the Jimmy Kimmel show last night, catch it here! 

We Can’t wait for this new Architects record to drop. Pre-orders for the band’s new album are available now. Don’t sleep on this one! 

The Professional Drum Shop was founded in 1959 by Bob Yeager with Chuck Molinari in an effort to provide the professional drummer with a place to get needed equipment repairs and shopping convenience. Pro Drum became the staple for drummers whether they lived in the area or were just passing through town on a gig. 


Knowing that Tré has deep roots with the shop, we stopped by to drop off a limited Dookie snare & limited Tré Cool Bunny snare and caught up with Jerry Keyawa (pictured below). Jerry spent some time sharing stories and a few laughs which made this shop even more memorable to us. Visiting here is always a quality experience, if you’ve never been, I suggest you swing through sometime! 


Check out The Professional Drum Shop online - HERE  

Do you remember buying this record, going directly home, pressing play on your CD deck and playing air - (preferred instrument) along to every track? Because I do. Everyone on the SJC team has a story from the past that Dookie has been the soundtrack to. That’s what makes this such a special day, we’re honored to be creating a Limited Edition piece to celebrate 20 years of Dookie! 

Pre-Orders are available now

Order Info: George@sjcdrums.com  

The crew at SJC HQ is always turning out top notch work. Thanks for always holding it down, fellas! 

For the 7th year in a row, we had the pleasure of showcasing at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Anaheim, California. Being a 100% custom shop, we’re always bringing our artist’s dream kits to life. This is the time of year that we get to display some special pieces that the crew at SJC has developed over the last 365 days. For a closer look at the kits and snares we displayed at this year’s NAMM Show, check out the  booth review video our friends from Sound Attak made,  HERE 




This year had a special twist for us, as we announced Tré Cool joining the SJC Family. Tré came through the booth to spend some time with the crew and put his signature on the limited edition drums. We have a lot planned for 2014 so keep a close watch, you won’t want to miss any of it.     


We were absolutely stoked to be able to share the news with everyone, especially with all of SJC artists, dealers, friends and family that made it out to the show. Having all of you there made this event that much more important and memorable. To celebrate, we partnered up with Alternative Press Magazine, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Earthquaker Devices and GHS music products for a night of bowling and good vibes!


Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend, we had such a great time meeting everyone and catching up with all of our friends from around the world. Video recap coming soon! 

Photos by: Mike Dravis 

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