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The beginning of SJC

Scott starts to re-wrap old drums, taking a small corner of Grandma Judy's basement in Dudley, MA

SJC Drums logo created

Mike creates the SJC Drums logo, which is still used to this day, exactly as he made it on his computer in his bedroom, which would turn into his office for the next few years

SJC Drums makes their first Warped Tour appearance

Mike, Scott, and a few of their friends set up a booth at the Vans Warped Tour on the Boston, MA stop

SJC Drums gets their first artists

After building kits for just themselves, Mike and Scott start to get their first artists. Some of these clients inclue Justin Muir - Monty Are I, Tony Roberto, Pat Dee, Zippi - Grover Dill, Nick Smith, Kyle Adams, Andrew Cook - The Receiving End Of Sirens, Mike Grilli - The Cadence, Ian Hoey, and Nick Angelini - A Wilhelm Scream

No Trigger records with one of the first SJC kits

Mike and his band No Trigger head into the studio with the 2nd ever made SJC kit. This would later help set the stage for Mike to get the word out about SJC around the world

Mike & Scott expand in Grandma's basement

With demand growing, Mike and Scott took more than half of their Grandmother's basement to produce more drums

Extra help

Mike's best friend Bryan, and local college student Pat McDonald, start helping around the shop making drums, run errands, and going to shows with Mike

Mike gets some big artists on the SJC family roster

Out of his college dorm room at UMass Dartmouth, Mike starts contacting bands about playing SJC Drums. This year the brothers made drums for some of their favorite bands: Strike Anywhere, The Aquabats, and Streetlight Manifesto. These relationships would help SJC over many years to come, and would also get Mike and Scott the chance to tour with The Aquabats.. a chance neither of them thought they'd ever have!

More artists

Mike also lined up another connection that would help over many years to come. In October he attended a show at the Palladium in Worcester, MA to meet up with Rob Hitt of Midtown. At that show, he also met and befriended Spencer Peterson (Hidden In Plain View), The Butcher (The Academy Is...), and Aaron Stern (Matchbook Romance).. relationships that proved to help SJC until this day.

More expansion

Scott, coming from the University of Southern Maine, and Mike, coming from UMass Dartmouth, continue to drive back and forth from college to Grandma's basement to make more and more drums. Over the summer they expand into all of Grandma's basement, and even expanded storage, powdercoating, and painting into an old mill building in CT just minutes from their Dudley, MA shop.

Mike delivers snare to ETID

Mike and Jon (Guitarist of No Trigger, also attended UMass Dartmouth), met Scott and the shop one school night to build a snare for Mike Novak of Every Time I Die. Mike and Jon delivered the snare the next night at the Living Room in Providence, RI

A big year for SJC

This is one of the biggest years for SJC Drums, as they saw a lot of growth and success through their artists. Spencer Smith and Panic! At The Disco played on the MTV VMA's, the first time SJC Drums had ever been on TV, a huge accomplishment for Mike and Scott

No Trigger signs to Nitro Records

Through Mike's contacts with The Aquabats and A Wilhelm Scream by making their drums, his band No Trigger got signed to Nitro Records. This allowed for Mike to leave college and tour the country, putting the SJC name in every drummers ear that he met. The band would then go on to tour with The Aquabats, record with legendary Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and Black Flag (and make a kit for his studio - The Blasting Room), and tour all over the world.

First Series announced

Scott and Mike announced the first Series drums, realizing that they never wanted to mass produce drums overseas, but wanted to make SJC Drums available and affordable to every drummer, they made a dozen kits at once, thus making their cost on the parts lower by buying and producing in bulk. This would later lead to a large demand for their Series drums.

Butcher hoops invented

The Butcher of The Academy Is... approached Mike with one of the craziest ideas on a drum. He wanted a drum that none of the hardware could be visible. We knew the Butcher loved wood hoops and organic, vintage looking drums, so Mike gave Scott the drawing and info, and Scott made the first ever Butcher hoop kit. The name easy to coin, after the Butcher himself, and so our relationship with Andy "the Butcher" Mrotek was born, as was one of the coolest and most innovative drum designs.

SJC makes drums for legendary Gorilla Biscuits

Luke Abbey of the Gorilla Biscuits called Mike to design a kit for the bands' reunion shows.

More expansion

2007 was another great year for SJC to grow. Mike and Scott moved from Grandma's Basement down the road into a 4,000 sq ft building.

Fox25 Zip Trip features SJC Drums

Mike & Scott were featured on Fox25 News "Zip Trip" where they go to a local business and show what they do. This is the first time Mike & Scott were on TV

SJC hires employees

Mike & Scott hired a handful of their first ever employees this year, many of whom still work at SJC today.

SJC expands to the UK with new dealers

Sound Attak and Poole Percussion started carrying SJC in their stores in London, UK. These dealers are still the biggest SJC has and they've become family across the pond.

The Swellers and SJC

The Swellers helped SJC moved into their new warehouse. Touring on their CD "My Everest," they stayed over the Ciprari house, and helped moved to the new warehouse using their van and trailer.

SJC's first NAMM

The crew attends their first NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.. They rented a Budget truck and Jon and PJ drove the booth display across the country while the rest of the crew flew.

New website and Virtual Kit Designer launched

SJC launched their brand new website and first of it's kind interactive Virtual Kit Designer with the help of longtime friend Brad Filip

SJC voted Custom Drum Company of the year

SJC was honored and proud to win the Custom Drum Company of the year in the DRUM! Magazine Drummies awards

Mike travels to London for Drummerlive

SJC makes a big appearance at the 2008 Drummerlive show, displaying a ton of new awesome products with Sound Attak and Poole Percussion

Another Drummies award

SJC proudly takes home the Custom Drum Company of the year award once again from DRUM! Magazines Drummies.

SJC Celebrates 10 Years

The crew celebrates being around for 10 years. SJC sponsored the return of The Receiving End of Sirens show in Providence, RI and the return of Skatefest in Worcester, MA @ the Palladium.

SJC joins the late night w/ Lopez Tonight

Longtime SJC artist Robin DiMaggio lands the gig as house drummer for George Lopez' new TBS show "Lopez Tonight" SJC is proudly on late night TV every night!

Lady Gaga and Elton John perform on the Grammy's

One of the most memorable TV moments for SJC is when Charles Haynes played on the Grammys live with Lady Gaga and Elton John.. such an amazing experience for all of us at SJC!

Another year of expansion

The crew moves into a new 12,000 sq ft facility with larger offices and manufacturing area to help continue to grow. They begin making more drums than ever before in just a short period of time.

Mike tours with Rancid, Against Me!, and Blink182

After making a new kit for Branden Steineckert of Rancid, he asks Mike to drum tech for him on the Blink182 arena tour across Canada. Mike heads out on tour for 2 weeks with Rancid, Against Me! and Blink182 teching for Branden.

SJC crew

The SJC crew is settled into a new workshop making more drums than ever

Drummies runner up

SJC wins runner up for Custom Drum Builder of the year in the DRUM! Magazine Drummies

Launched TV show Drum Heads on Halogen TV

SJC launches new website

SJC launches a brand new website with many new features they've been working on for the past few years.

Built a Snare Drum Out Of a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel

See the video on Vimeo!

Released Documentary DVD

Watch the trailer on YouTube

DRUM! Magazine Drummies Winner

SJC wins DRUM! Magazine's DRUMMIES "Custom Drum Builder of the Year" award for the 3rd time!

DRUM! Magazine Drummies Winner!

SJC wins DRUM! Magazines DRUMMIES "Custom Drum Company of the Year" award for the 4th time! Thank you all for your support!

SJC in California!

SJC Opens a Satellite Office in Huntington Beach, CA!

SJC Custom Drums is a custom drum company started in 2000 by two brothers out of Massachusetts. The SJC crew pride themselves on the craftsmanship, innovation, customer service and passion for their drums. Offering virtually unlimited options, each kit is custom made to the customers' exact specifications by the skilled craftsmen SJC and backed by our unrivaled customer service. With over a decade of experience and over 1,700 artists, the SJC crew are ready and willing to make your dream drum set come to life.


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Creative Director
Chris Nikopoulos
Bryan Rushton
Shop and production…
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A&R, Ordering/Pricing,…
Danny Poulin
Brand Manager
PJ Guertin
Bearing edges,…
Louie Scalzo
Painter / Woodworking
Jon Strader
A&R, Assembly,…
Josh Byrne
Wrap and custom…
Matt Etchells
Powdercoating and…
Jeremy Quaglia
Brian Germain
Wood working
Mike Finn
Backline Manager
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Marketing Director,…
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Ricky Nelson
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West Coast Intern…
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Shop manager
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